What is Instagram Checkout & why does it matter?

Last week (19th March), Instagram has announced big plans that are set to make shopping from within the photo-sharing app simpler than ever before. And we think it’s a game changer.

Checkout On Instagram lets you make purchases directly in-app, without leaving Instagram itself. Simply tap on a shoppable post, hit “Checkout on Instagram”, and proceed to payment via PayPal or your favourite online merchant. You’ll even receive shipment and delivery notifications inside Instagram to help you keep track of your purchases.

See? We told you it was a game changer.

This follows an update last year where the app added the Shopping capability to Stories and Explore. Now though rather than just seeing the price of a product, you’ll be able to buy directly with the Checkout on Instagram option.

Instagram will be taking an undisclosed cut from all sales, though the price you pay as the customer won’t be any more. Checkout on Instagram is currently in beta with 22 fashion and beauty brands in the US including H&M, NARS, and Zara testing the platform.

If the beta goes well – and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t – we expect it to be rolled out globally this year.

Why does this matter?

This is the first big step from Instagram in becoming a viable online shopping platform. And that’s a pretty big deal in the world of social media.
Checkout on Instagram will make shopping more seamless. By removing the need for shoppers to visit a third-party app, brands can capture shoppers in a new way – and advertise their products in a new way too.

With 130 million people tapping product tags in shopping posts every month, it there’s certainly a market for Checkout on Instagram. Users are already engaging with the existing shoppable features. This move just ramps things up.

What does it mean for brands?

This is big news for brands and businesses, and something you should be keeping a close eye on.

Customers – and potential customers too – are already seeing your products when they scroll through the app. Making these posts shoppable from within Instagram, has huge potential for both B2B and B2C brands.

Brands then, should already be thinking about how they can take advantage of Instagram Checkout should it be rolled out in full later this year. And we’re not talking just in terms of organic, as you’ll be able to introduce these shoppable posts into your paid strategy too.

By bringing e-commerce in-app, Instagram is becoming one-to-watch. If you’re not taking the Facebook-owned app seriously in your marketing, Checkout on Instagram just made it one of the most powerful and interesting tools in your arsenal.

And the Superdreamers for one, can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Clare Evans

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