10 social media mistakes your business is making

Social media mistakes can be costly for your business. REALLY costly. Take Snapchat. In March 2018, a distasteful advert asking users “Would You Rather: Slap Rihanna or Punch Chris Brown?” cost them a whopping $800 million.

While the day-to-day mistakes most brands make on social media won’t cost them that much, they are slowly but surely doing some serious damage. Here, are 10 social media mistakes your business is making (and how you can fix them):

1. Social For Socials Sake

Are you just randomly posting on these accounts whenever you remember “just because”? Social for social’s sake is the biggest problem with your approach. If you’re taking social media marketing seriously, you need a plan and a social media strategy. Sit back, review what you’re doing – and why – to decide if social is for you.

2. Forgetting the “Social” Part

The clue might be in the name, but many brands forget the “social” part of social media marketing. In fact, according to Sprout Social, 89% of messages on social media go ignored, and 30% of people will go to a competitor if a brand fails to respond. Don’t lose your prospects and customers to the competition. Get social and make sure you’re responding, replying and engaging with your social media audience.

3.Organic-Only Approach

Are you sharing content on Facebook and assuming your audience will see it, engage with it, and ultimately buy from you? If you’re just relying on organic social media, you’re making the next social media mistake on our list. Smart businesses know the value of paid social marketing and are using it to their advantage.

4. Overly Promotional

Brands that simply use their social media channels to promote themselves are the committing our next fail. If every piece of content on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is all about you, your audience will quickly become bored. Share content from other industry experts, post content your audiences will engage with on some level, and be light on the self-promotion.

5. Treating Each Channel the Same

Social media marketing is time consuming, so your best bet is to share the same post across every channel right? Wrong. The brands doing social media well are those taking the time to understand what works for each network. Do this, and you’ll get each social media channel working a lot harder for you.

6. Not Tracking

You wouldn’t run an email marketing or PPC campaign without proper tracking in place. Why then, are you investing time and money in social media marketing and failing to track your efforts? With robust tracking in place, you’ll be able to see what’s working, what isn’t, and just how you’re being rewarded for your efforts.

7. News-Jacking

Jumping on a new story or trending topic in the hope of some social coverage can boost your brand. But exercise caution, ‘cause it goes wrong more than right. When Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher passed away in 2016, Cinnabon posted this:

Using the death of a much-loved actress to promote their brand didn’t go down too well with Twitter users, and the brand ended up deleting their post. The best advice? Only jump on relevant topics and be sure to add value to the conversation, not just self-promotion.

8. One Type of Content

The beauty of social media is that you can post all sorts of content. From videos and images, to links and text posts, the world is your oyster. But if your Facebook page is a sea of text posts and little else, you’re making the next mistake on our list. Profiles that are content rich are more appealing to users. Not only that, but you’ll find that some types of content perform better on certain platforms.

9. #HashtagFails

Another common social media mistake business make is hashtag misuse. We see this falling into two categories:

1) #Too #Many #Irrelevant #Hashatgs – One or two related hashtags can help people find your content, but don’t go overboard and don’t hashtag individual words.
2) Not thinking your hashtags through – Remember #susanalbumparty? This epic fail of a hashtag trended in 2012…but for all the wrong reasons!

10. Community Fails

Back in 2017, Walkers Crisps were hijacked by trolls when they launched a selfie competition. Twitter users were asked to upload selfies and an automated video was created and shared on Walkers’ feed.

Unfortunately, some people shared photos of notorious killers and sex offenders. Waitrose suffered a similar fate with their “I shop at Waitrose because...” Twitter conversation.

While you may want to get your social media community involved, consider the consequences. You might end up with a PR disaster on your hands.
If you want to get social media marketing working harder for your business, contact Superdream today and see how it can be done.

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Clare Evans

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