What is PR?

It’s a perennial challenge – explaining to clients, friends and family just what PR is – and what it isn’t…

In my previous life as a journalist, PR (or public relations to give it its full name) was jokingly referred to as ‘the Dark Side’ – a suggestion that somehow you had sold your soul if you left the noble profession of journalism to be a PR professional.

There are no dark arts involved, however, just a lot of hard work – and contrary to what the likes of Ab Fab and Sex & The City might have you believe – not much sipping on Champagne.

You can trace the roots of PR back to P.T. Barnum – yes, him from The Greatest Showman – who had a great eye for publicity, and came out with such great one-liners as ‘I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right’.

He once famously ploughed a field near his house using an elephant, in clear view of passing trains – great publicity for his famous circus.

The official definition of PR is based around communicating with audiences, building positive reputations and public image.

In a nutshell, as former Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassee said: ‘Advertising is saying you’re good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good’.

So, what do we actually do in PR? Press releases; crisis comms; research and media monitoring; proofing; blogs; press briefings’ event management; influencer outreach; photo shoots and much, much more.

Recent examples include running a major London press launch for The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience; trade media press briefings for a number of our B2B clients, and project managing a major optical product launch. Throughout all of our PR projects at Superdream, we work closely with our digital team to ensure we have clear outputs and outcomes, with results constantly tracked to allow us to adjust activity accordingly.

Always great results - sadly not much time for sipping on Champagne.

Why not talk to us today about how PR can work for you, and how Superdream can get other people saying just how good you are.

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Jon Perks

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